One Year from Launch: An Update

Improving the lives of low vision people!

The past year since our inaugural launch has been very inspiring! It is a very unique experience to see firsthand how the soul of money can immediately restore meaning, beauty and fulfilment to someone’s life. Through the generosity of board members, donors and community collaborators, we were able to share the gift of sight with four low vision individuals in our first year! It is a gift that truly melts my heart.

We are working hard to create a continuum of giving and together with Shawn Brown, one of our grant recipients, we endeavor to broaden our message of support to assist others to exercise his or her right and privilege to give the gift of sight that will create opportunities for others as they have for Shawn.

Shawn was born with oculocutaneous albinism, and astigmatism – one of the first babies ever to be diagnosed with both syndromes. Growing up, Shawn’s parents tried to make life as normal as they could for their son with the thick glasses. He learned to ride a bike with no hands, to drive a tractor with a little help, to persevere through school. Today, Shawn has a wife who adores him, three gorgeous children, and a job that fulfills him. He also lived in a little bubble of clear vision – 10 feet in diameter. It surrounded him wherever he went. And Shawn is just one of hundreds of thousands of people living with low vision in the world – left out of the bright, clear, vibrant world around them. But with your support we were able to shift the focus, and give Shawn – and others like him – their vision.

We supported Shawn and others in acquiring technology that gives the millions of people with low vision their sight. It’s available right now for consumers to purchase. But these advanced mechanisms, software and procedures often come with a steep price tag that many of those millions just can’t afford or fit into an already restricted budget that is more often than not directly due to their low vision. Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation is changing that.

This is more than glasses and software. Your gift is literally turning the lights on for the people like Shawn, who live in the blurred, dim world of low vision. Its life-changing technology that allows a visually impaired person to live a full, productive life: seeing the faces of parents, children, and loved ones, living out passions and building careers, all with clarity and focus they’d never imagined possible.

We also successfully passed the rigorous due diligence process and can report that we have now joined the largest global crowdfunding community of GlobalGiving. We also updated our profile on Canada Helps so that donors now have multiple avenues of access to support our mission.

It’s all possible. Right now, you have the power to give a person the incomparable gift of sightPlease join us in supporting other low vision individuals in accessing innovative technologies that can immediately transform lives. You have helped turn the lights on for many fortunate recipients – help us continue to turn them on for others.

Warm regards,

Donna Price

President, Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation

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