Who We Are

An inherited eye disease, which causes progressive vision loss to the point of legal blindness, inflamed the intense intellect and spirited tenacity of an innovative and idealistic brother. Ideals forged by the astute teachings of his benevolent elders, Conrad Lewis set out on an odyssey of care and creation. This would lead to the beginning of eSight Corporation and the eventual development of electronic eyewear that would enable those with vision loss and legal blindness to live a more complete life bestowed with the ability to see what their eyes could not.

Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation will extend the values of care and creation which inspired the formation of eSight by providing products and services to assist persons afflicted with vision loss so that they too may live inclusive and normal lives. We will also extend these values to our global community by working with other organizations to generate and share innovative vision solutions. We will also share our knowledge and our initiative to catalyze our values of care and creativity to serve legally blind and low vision persons.

We support real people with real stories and are privileged to share in the uplifting and invigorating moments in life when sight is restored through the use of innovative vision improvement devices. We are honoured to assist by giving.

Click Play to hear “I Can See” — an audio tribute by Anne Lewis

A few words of thanks from Julia and Anne Lewis

The inspiration for my song “I Can See” comes from the stories told by the people who are using eSight eyewear (including mine!). When writing this song, I wanted to be sure to capture as many experiences as I could because the impact of innovation is truly life altering! For example: Julia being able to see faces, Emma-Rose being able to read her music books, and Yvonne being able to see her canvass while painting, and many more! Quite simply, “I Can See” is a collection of experiences about the joy of seeing!

Thanks so much to my brother Conrad and the Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation for helping those who need it!

Anne Lewis
June 2015

If one person can create a single device to free a person from legal blindness, imagine what 250 million people can do to create a world where the term becomes obsolete not only to them personally, but as a new social norm.

My brother Conrad invented such a device, a pair of transformative glasses. I simply put them on and in the blink of an eye, I can see again. I no longer am a person who is legally blind.

Providing products and services to low vision people is part of my brother’s mantra and the reason for Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation. Imagine what a single dollar can do if millions of people contributed a single dollar. Like my brother’s single idea, it can generate millions of solutions for people living with low vision or blindness.

Julia Lewis
June 2015