About the Founder

An inherited eye disease, which causes progressive vision loss to the point of legal blindness, inflamed the intense intellect and spirited tenacity of an innovative and idealistic brother. Ideals forged by brotherly love for two sisters and the astute teachings of his benevolent elders, Conrad Lewis set out on an odyssey of care and creation. This would lead to the beginning of eSight Corporation (www.esighteyewear.com) and the eventual development of electronic eyewear that would enable those with vision loss and legal blindness to live a more complete life bestowed with the ability to see what their eyes could not.

When Conrad started up eSight, he also initiated the creation of the Foundation as it has always been Conrad’s intention to assist legally blind and low vision people in living a normal life bestowed with the gift of sight. The Foundation will extend the values of care and creation which inspired its formation by providing products and services to assist persons afflicted with vision loss so that they too may live inclusive and normal lives. We will also extend these values to our global community by working with other organizations and we will share our knowledge and our initiative to catalyze our values of care and creativity to serve legally blind and low vision persons.

Conrad is honoured to support real people with real stories and privileged to share in the uplifting and invigorating moments in life when sight is restored through the use of innovative vision improvement devices.